Wisconsin man flips right the hell out - about action figures

Have you ever gotten upset that someone broke one of your toys? Maybe you got snippy with them, or even yelled and threw something? In retrospect, you probably felt kind of silly at how you overreacted, but hey: at least you didn't take an axe to your own car.

According to police chief Mike Koval's daily blog, a Madison man called the police Sunday night to report that he'd gotten drunk and then gone on a rampage, all because he thought his wife had damaged his action figures.

10:03 p.m. - Officers were dispatched to a West side residential address [for] a domestic disturbance between the victim and her husband/suspect. The suspect called 911 on himself [to report] his actions in response to drinking too much and then overreacting when believing his wife had damaged some of his prized property (action figures). The suspect had wielded a log-splitting axe and after his wife had left the residence, he subsequently used the axe to destroy the TV, TV stand, laptop computer, and several other items in the house. The suspect then moved outside and smashed the family car, chopping off both side mirrors and eventually striking the windshield with such force that the axe became stuck. When officers arrived, they found the axe embedded in the windshield of the car. The damages eclipsed $5000. Officers took the suspect into custody without incident. The suspect was arrested for domestic-related charges of disorderly conduct and felony damage to property. The suspect was conveyed to jail.

Sadly, the police log cannot provide all the details we'd want: namely, what were the action figures in question, were they actually damaged, and if so, how? Someone needs to do a followup.

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  1. googum says:

    I have to admit, I'm legit curious about this. If he thought his massive Hot Toys collection had been damaged, well, it might be understandable. If it was his carded Star Wars: Episode 1 figures, maybe not...

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