Avengers (Gamerverse) Comic Series: Mar-Vell review

The powers of flight, superhuman strength and stamina make Mar-Vell a celebrated warrior.

"Made." They made Mar-Vell a celebrated warrior. He died. And really, how "celebrated" could he be if the major accomplishment in his entire superhero career was "accidentally got cancer and died"? He was such a nothing character that a writer went to their editors and said "I want to do a book where the guy who literally carries the name of our company gets a sad disease, wastes away depressingly, then really dies a permanent death he won't be coming back from" and the editor was like "yes, let's do that, I can see no downside at all." Congratulations, Mar-Vell, the only thing important about you was your name.

Marv uses the "butt wrinkles" body, which is just fun to say. The colors are nice and dark, with the blue parts of his costume being slightly metallic and the red flat. His Nega Bands are separate pieces, so if you pop the toy's hands off, you could share them with different characters. The fact that they and the star on his chest are two different shades of yellow is slightly distracting. His head is new, because no one else had that shaggy 1970s hairstyle.

Captain Marvel is part of the Avengers "Gamerverse" ML series, so he includes a piece of the videogame version of Abomination. The right arm. It's a totally new mold, with scaly skin and spikes growing from the elbow and shoulder.

The release of Mar-Vell makes me retroactively angry that I got ToyBiz's version back in the day, rather than the Genis-Vell variant. Because nobody needs two Marvs, and this one is way better than the 2006 figure.

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2 Responses to Avengers (Gamerverse) Comic Series: Mar-Vell review

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    As a fan of Mar-Vell, I also want point out that in-universe he was a celebrated warrior among the Kree (and the Skrulls) even before he got the power of flight, enhanced strength and stamina.

    I mean, the Skrulls finding out a bigshot war hero like him was being sent to Earth was what made them decide Earth must be worth taking (and this is after they initially wrote Earth off as a waste of time after the Fantastic Four foiled both their initial invasion and the Super Skrull).

    Wish there'd been a way for Hasbro to demonstrate that twinkling trail of sparkles he left in his wake after his final power up, though. And Mar-Vell in Kree uniform would've made for a great Kree soldier army-builder.

    • yo go re says:

      Maybe color-change plastic for that thing where the shadow came over him, and you could see all the stars? Yeah, that...

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