Avengers (Gamerverse) Game Series: Stealth Captain America review

Injected with an experimental Super-Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers has the peak potential of strength, endurance, and dexterity.

That he may have, but in the crummy Marvel's AAAvengers videogame, you still have to level him all the way up before you can unlock what should be his basic attack, "throwing his shield." I mean, it's right there in the themesong.

Someone referred to this as "Blue Lives Matter Captain America," and now it's all I can see. It's the game's version of his stealth suit, a palette swap of the normal costume with darker colors, but all it looks like today is a SWAT cosplayer. The only thing it's missing is some tape to cover up the name and badge number, like a total coward. The game's uniform already looked like individual bits of modern tactical armor rather than a cohesive suit, so making it even darker does away with any lingering connection to Captain America or his ideals. He's no longer defending America, he's defending Starbucks windows.

The mold of this figure is the same as the Series 1 figure. I never got that, because it didn't look great and I wasn't thrilled by the Abomination BAF, so this is new to me. The torso feels too blocky, with the chest and abdomen being nearly the same width. The armor isn't inherently bad - with some really bright, vibrant colors it could work nicely - but this isn't a very exciting toy. You get your choice of fists or open hands for him, and bare or helmeted heads. This Cap doesn't look like Chris Evans, but then, neither did half the actual movie Caps. It's a handsome blond guy, what more do we expect? Weirdly, the unmasked head is larger than the masked one, thought the facial features do look similar enough to make it clear these are the same person.

Game Cap gets a new shield. If the game had been a hit, that presumably would have mattered to somebody, but now it's just an interesting footnote. The front has a large star that isn't bound by the blue circle, instead overlapping all the way to the edge of the inner red ring. Then there's a thin "white" ring (actually a light silver, like the star) before a second wide red ring. The back is sculpted with rivets and a specially designed attachment for his arm/back (though the toy just uses one of those hinged peg/c-clamp deals like most of the Cap shields do).

Stealth Captain America also comes with the left arm of the Joe Fix-It Build-A-Figure.

The whole "Blue Lives Matter" thing is just a scam, something white supremacists only care about when it presents an opportunity to keep minorities down - if it weren't, the entire movement would have embraced Officer Eugene Goodman as its new face for his heroism in personally baiting last month's attempted insurrectionists and leading them away from the unsecured Senate chamber where they may have been able to take hostages. But the movement is not, because his face is specifically the kind of face they don't want to be associated with. And frankly, the idea that Steve Rogers would ever support that kind of racist bullcrap is ludicrous, so there had to be better options for a Series 2 repaint than making him look like a SWAT trooper. Hell, give him the tacky Verizon or Intel suits, at least those would be colorful and something we haven't seen before.

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9 Responses to Avengers (Gamerverse) Game Series: Stealth Captain America review

  1. thebagman22 says:

    Nobody cares about your idiotic, and chaotic socialist political leanings. Review a toy and spare us your personal political opinions dumb ass. Blue Lives aren’t just compromised of old racist white men. Grow up. Maybe experience the real world sometime, ya Zoomer soy boy.

    • Black Arbor says:

      You came to their site, dug up an old review, willingly read it and left a comment? Next time, just don't look!

      • yo go re says:

        Nobody ever accused the bootlickers of being smart. If they were, they wouldn't be pro-cop in the first place...

    • My Common Sense is Tingling says:

      Panel 1: Ron Swanson says ACAB to a waiter. Panel 2: Wait... I worry that what you heard is a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch of most cops are bad. Panel 3: What I said was All Cops Are Bastards. Do you understand?

    • Paul Carter says:

      You have to admire someone coming in to cape for the police just days before cops appeared on the national stage and proved that they're not just bastards, they're total f*cking cowards, too. Great choice, stupid! You should be real proud.

    • Soy Whisperer says:

      THANK YOU. I come to this site for the sheer volume of helpful reviews, but the rabid far-left bloviating of the main reviewer (who seems to be the only OAFE reviewer left; did he chase off everyone else over the years?) make reading this site a real slog sometimes.

      Mind you, becoming a far-left ideologue seems to have at least cured yo's seething hatred for all male comics fans other than himself (try making a drinking game of how often the dude rants about "fanboys" in his pre-2016 reviews; I guarantee you'll be stone dead by 2005), but swapping out one vilified subculture for another to obsess over seems at best to be a lateral move.

      To end this comment on a positive note, yo's seething sold me on this figure. Blue Lives Matter Cap, soon to be punching out a Simon Baz near me!

      • yo go re says:

        It's important, I think, to have a firm knowledge of one's own standards. In your case, for instance, the span of time it takes between seeing cops be the most disgustingly craven bumblefucks imaginable and going back to wanting to put their dicks in your mouth is exactly 135 days. I don't know how this information might help you in the future, but at least now we all have it.

        Look, you're free to think whatever you want. But it's not my responsibility to make you feel good about holding stupid gutter trash beliefs. It's not even my responsibility to let you feel comfortable about holding them. Believing dumb things SHOULD be uncomfortable, and if that means making fun of the choice to believe? So be it. Whether that's thinking the moon landing was faked, vaccines cause autism, or any other stupid thing, there's a real easy solution: stop believing things worth making fun of, stop getting made fun of. Like, do you REALLY think mocking fanboys has anything to do with them being male? Of course not, that would be stupid. It's their ideas and entitlement. Do you really think referencing Simon Baz is some kind of awesome dunk? Of course not, he's a dumb character nobody even remembers exists, let alone cares enough about to bother defendng.

        And my dude, if you want that badly to be one of our reviewers, then start posting reviews on the message board like we tell everybody else. When you prove you've got a sustainable work ethic, you'll have a chance to...

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