Transformers BotBots Sprinkleberry D'uhnut review

In the central area of the Transformers BotBots mall, there are two Sugar Shocks stores: one on the ground floor, and one on the third floor. Today's Bot is downstairs, and appropriately, looks to be wandering around lost.

We already reviewed this mold once, in the Gumball Machine Surprise Unboxing review. Of course, when this was released in Series 1, it had paint, so it actually looks like a doughnut this time. It's a yellow cakey doughnut, with pink frosting and blue sprinkles - how very Simpsons of them!

BotBots are easy to convert, and this is no exception: pull down the feet, spread the arms, rotate the face forward. Okay, rotating the face is hard, if you don't have fingernails, but that's it.

Sprinkleberry D'uhnut is the dopest, dopiest, dearest donut you'll ever meet. He's fast at rolling and slow at everything else. His friends consider him a loveable ball of sprinkled goofiness.

See? That's what we were talking about. Sprinkleberry D'uhnut is a dummy because Sprinkleberry Duh'Ball - the doughnut hole - got all the smarts when they split. D'uhnut the Pinky, Duh'Ball is the Brain. Being formed from a torus makes for an interesting robot mode, with chubby arms held out to the sides and tiny little feet that don't really come down any lower than the rest of the body. The white face with its big black eyes really does look perfectly gormless, and also very cute. You just want to help this brainless little dope!

Sprink is available in a Sugar Shocks 5-pack, a Toilet Troop 5-pack, or a Jock Squad 8-pack.

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