Snake-Eyes Has Something to Say

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    I'm one of those old fuddy-duddies (is that something people still say?) who doesn't plan on watching this film because of the changes they've made to the character... but I have to admit this was both cute and funny.

    But also infuriating because I've never even seen the Cobra Troopers in the flesh, and there are two of them right there. Did Hasbro send Adult Swim those toys specifically for this? They had to, right? Because as far as I can tell, it was almost impossible to find the Troopers.

    On another note, I wish those kids were real toys. Not many regular civilian toys out there, you know?

    • yo go re says:

      If you've got the advertising budget to hire the Robot Chicken people to make an ad for you, you've probably also got the budget for them to pay eBay prices for two figures.

      I'll probably see the movie, but just as a general martial arts thing, not a "oh boy GI Joe reboot finally" thing. At least Larry Hama has said it's pretty good, even if it doesn't stick to the comics he wrote...

      • Ai Muhao says:

        I suppose that Larry Hama's endorsement is worth something, at least. If anyone knows Snake Eyes, it'd be him. Me, I'm kind of tired of tv or movie adaptations that seem to go out of their way NOT to stick to their comic origins.

        I mean, I've made my feelings of MCU's Mar-Vell clear before, but then add to that the MCU take of Taskmaster, plus this version of Snake-Eyes...

        Still, going to watch the movie as "a martial arts film" instead of "a GI Joe film" is something I hadn't thought of. I guess I could wait for reviews or something before deciding. I mean, if COBRA's sigil is everywhere it'd be kind of hard to forget it's a GI Joe thing.

        But, goodness, Ebay prices for the Cobra Troopers aren't as bad as I thought. Now if only shipping to South-East Asia didn't almost triple the price...

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