Mythic Legions presents: Krampus

Yesterday, the Four Horsemen sent out an email announcing a surprise sale to be held today:

Welcome to December! There's a chill in the air lately. Winter is upon us. As this is the season for surprises, why waste time? Tomorrow, there will be something special on the store.

They didn't say what would be on sale, just that it was something entirely new, there was a limit of two per person, and the product was already in stock and ready to ship. Well, the first sale period just went live at 9am, and the surprise turned out to be a Krampus!

It's made from Mythic Legions parts, with a few new bits to capture the classic look, and as of this posting, it's not sold out yet. If it does go before you get a chance to place your order, there will be a second drop tonight at 8pm EST. There are also greeting cards, a pin, and a mug, plus a bundle of all four offerings (which sold out in minutes this morning). Go add to your seasonal displays!

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