A tale of two Thors

616 vs. 199999

Now is it just us, or does movie-Thor's Mjolnir look bigger?

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    I only once tried to read one of the comics starring Jane Foster-as-Thor, and it was that unfortunate one where Titania outright refused to fight her just because she was a fellow woman. I never gave it a second chance, because comics at that point cost almost $5 local currency, and that's just too much money for something that didn't wow me.

    But, by Khorne, the movie version's design fits in perfectly with any comic display. Even if you don't want to use her as Thor, you could easily repurpose both Comic and Movie versions as Valkyries.

    And I don't think you're wrong about Movie-Thor's Mjolnir seeming to be bigger. It seems to have a larger head. And the little circle thing on the top of Mjolnir... for the comic version it seems to be about the same size as Comic-Thor's fist, but the Movie version's one is maybe 1.5 the size? It's noticeably larger. Was Mjolnir a different size when she used it in the comics or something?

    • Pink Parademon says:

      Maybe it's because it was shattered and put back together? Like there's still some space in between all the pieces.

      • Ai Muhao says:

        That could work, but that's certainly not reflected in the sculpt (and admittedly that'd be kind of difficult to show at that scale).

        But that doesn't explain the difference in size between the circles on the top of both Mjolnirs, since you can see that compared to the size of their respective Thors' fists the Movie version is noticeably bigger.

        Maybe Natalie Portman has dainty hands and that's why the hammer looks bigger in comparison...

  2. Why did Hasbro make Mjolnir's expanded head gray instead of silver? Luckily it wasn't a hard repaint. I also filled in its fissures with metallic blue to make it crackle with lightning kintsugi.

    Thanks for making "616 vs. 199999" extra confusing, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness!

    • yo go re says:

      "I'm from Earth-616."

      "Is that the colorful 2D Earth-616, the funky animated Earth-616, or the live-action 616?"

      I guess it's no worse than the CW DC shows using "Earth 1" and "Earth 2" when they're not actually from the real Earth 1 or 2, but it still bugs me that the movies try to throw it in as a cute reference...

      • Ai Muhao says:

        I totally get that. Like, the whole point of those identification codes is to make clear there's a difference between the OG comic iterations and other stuff like live action (kind of like how Transformers have different codes for stuff based on G1, on Beast Wars, on Aligned, on the live action films).

        Having characters go, "I'm from 616!" or "I'm from Earth One!" as a little gag is grating to people who know that, no, no, they're not. I think I actually prefer the Transformers version, where you have infinite versions of G1 universes, Aligned etc that aren't so specific (e.g. Beast Wars has a version of G1 happen in the distance past, but don't outright say it's THE G1 from the original cartoon).

  3. Even though it's photo-real printed, MCU Jane Foster is weirdly missing the mole on her left cheek. That's throwing the Portman likeness off. Unless she inexplicably doesn't have the mole in this movie?

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