Squadciety Goals

If you're looking to build a team of villains to fight your heroes, you could certainly do worse than the Serpent Squad/Serpent Society. We don't even have half the full line-up yet, but they don't tend to send all their members on all their missions. Who have we got?

That's a start! Certainly enough to give Captain America or any solo hero of your choice a little bit of trouble before the major villains show up.

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4 Responses to Squadciety Goals

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    You know, a team like the Serpent Society would've made great recurring villains in the MCU to put up an actual fight in place of the mastermind-type villains. On the other hand, considering the MCU fell into that problem of killing off their villains at the end of a film, I guess that'd winnow their ranks down pretty quick.

    But it's kind of a shame that the ones listed are spread out over several years and so can be quite hard to find now. I remember seeing the Eel and Rock Python on store shelves, but never Viper or King Cobra.

  2. Davidcartoon says:

    I've been tempted, as often as I see most of this gang loose., but I put too much into building up a Master of Evil team this year to have the space or inclination for the snakes.

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