Naughty or Nice Collection: Zombie Santa exclusive review

As today's review said, the Naughty or Nice Collection features both good and evil Santas, and I just had to get one of each. As cool as Cyborg Santa or Pirate Santa were, I went for one with a little bit more value: Zombie Santa.

Zombie Santa uses the same body as the other Santas, with just the paint to set him apart: his suit isn't as vibrant a red, which allows all the blood that's spilled on it to be just visible enough if you're looking closely. His belt and boots are brown, as well, rather than the black seen on the Nice figures. But, same size, same sculpt, same articulation, all that.

The hat is still removable, giving us a clear look at his zombie face. His skin is green (clawing hands included), and his cloudy eyes rest in a nearly skeletal face: thick eye sockets, skin stretched taut over the cheekbones, and a hollow nasal cavity. The mouth hangs open, and though he still has his beard, half of his mustache seems to have been ripped away with his lip.

The thing that made this set more of a must-have for me than the other two awesome options was the inclusion of a second head - one that's an entirely different character! Swap out the green head and hands for the pink ones, and you have yourself Evil Santa, a riotously grinning madman with a pointed beard, and ears and nose to match. He looks fully unhinged and ready to hurt someone, so all the blood on the Santa suit still works perfectly. You could also put those pieces on one of the "Nice" Santas if you want to show him before the start of his rampage.

The set includes the same wrapped present the others have, done here in purple and green, and he also gets the plate of milk and cookies - though the plate and the milk are both now black, and the cookies are Grinchy green. There's a clump of coal for either version to hand out, and a simple axe that can be wielded by Evil, but not Zombie.

It was a race to see if these figures would ship in time for Giftsmas, and they made it with a few days to spare. Not that these will suddenly become bad toys on Boxing Day, but it's nice to have these fun offerings ready to go this year.

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