Soon Forget: Mojoworld

This is the latest in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of blog posts memorializing cancelled toys. Our subject today is ToyBiz's Mojoworld set.

The Marvel Legends Mojoworld 4-pack yo reviewed today was not the first attempt at such a set. Back in the day, ToyBiz planned their own:

All the figures in this set did see release individually: Longshot was in the third series of X-Men figures in 1993, while Mojo, Quark, and Shatterstar were all part of 1994's X-Force Series 3; basically, this was just an excuse to reuse existing molds, though it's possible some of the figures may have received altered paint jobs.

Since the art is undated, it's also possible this set pre-dates the X-Force line, and was simply broken up to fill some slots there.

Bonus! Here's Art Adams' original design for Mojo:

What a difference! He looks like a knockoff High Evolutionary.

And hey, just because: doesn't this picture of Tom Petty look like a perfect Longshot?

a bust shot of Tom Petty staring straight into the camera. He has thin blond hair, deep cheekbones, and is wearing a black leather jacket over an inexplicable bandolier of bullets. It's uncanny.

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