Rise of the Beasts - the #1 movie in history

Rise of the Beasts, the newest Transformers movie, ended its theatrical run last week with a total of just $436.6 million, making it officially the lowest-grossing entry in the franchise... but not everywhere.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the setting of the back half of the film, Rise of the Beasts has surpassed Avengers Endgame to become the highest-grossing movie ever... in Peru.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in Peru to date has collected 52,620,060 million soles, surpassing Avengers: Endgame.

The success in Peru is an impressive 3% of total global revenue, ranking fourth globally for this acclaimed Paramount Pictures production.

The film has also left behind a significant legacy by marking several historical milestones:

* the first international production to decentralize its premieres, bringing emotion and magic to cities like Cusco, Tarapoto and Machu Picchu before the capital.
* Additionally, the film paid homage to Peruvian culture by making a payment to the land at Machu Picchu’s majestic Llaqta, where the Inca and his entourage provided their best vibes for the theatrical release.
* The film also highlighted and exalted the beautiful provincial landscapes of Peru, showing the nobility of the Peruvian people through the character of Amaru, to whom Optimus Primal gives his most valuable treasure.
* Introduced Wheeljack, the Peruvian Autobot, who surprised audiences by speaking "Peruvian" and calling Noah "causa."
* The film had the participation of the talented photographer Morfi Jimenez, who portrayed his Peruvian vision of each robot, providing an authentic touch to the international production.
* The cultural and tourist impact of the film was so relevant that she received the title of Ambassador of Machu Picchu, in recognition of her contribution to the promotion of this iconic historical site.

Not the smoothest translation ever, but the gist is clear.


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3 Responses to Rise of the Beasts - the #1 movie in history

  1. Gengis says:

    The BIGGEST "Peru mentioned" energey!

  2. Ai Muhao says:

    Hahah. How fitting, eh? I'm guessing that Paramount was hoping for a similar result when they set the climax of Age of Extinction in China.

    I never got round to watching the film myself because I was waiting for 2 things: 1) good word of mouth like with the Bumblebee film, and 2) confirmation one way or another whether the film was a sequel to the Bay films, a sequel to the Bumblebee film, or its own thing.

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