Sometimes sacrifices must be made

I'm posting this with a heavy heart...

As much as I love my Mythic Legions figures, dioramas, and collecting, it just takes up too much of my time.

I'm struggling to keep up with the everyday basics of cleaning and maintaining the house, etc. Something has to give so I'm selling me entire collection.

Below is a list of what's available. All have been maintained, and are in great condition. Make me a reasonable offer.

1. Dustpan and brush
2. Sponges
3. Dusters
4. Mop and bucket
5. Window cleaner
6. Vacuum
7. Dishwashing liquid
8. Laundry detergent
9. Fabric softener
10. Laundry baskets
11. Toilet brush
12. Cleaning sprays
13. Scrubbing brushes

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One Response to Sometimes sacrifices must be made

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Man, I can only imagine how heart-wrenching this decision was for this guy... It can't have been an easy choice to make.

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