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My hobbies include: Dusting, and Buying Shelves

And now, some more OAFEry:Hasbro being sued over SDCC exclusives Keep your toys cozy this winter Reprolabels Human Alliance Roadbuster upgrade kit review Transformers BotBots Scribzilla exclusive review He deserved that

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Ace is the place with the helpful hardware Newtypes

I knew hardware stores had pretty much everything, but I wasn't expecting this! (via) And now, some more OAFEry:Psycho Castle (qu'est-ce que c'est) Introducing PorgGuy A story in four parts Bandai unintentionally enters the horror market Gundam Style

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Spread the Gundam love

Happy Valentine's Day! (via) And how about a Chat GPT story to go with it? And now, some more OAFEry:Happy birthday, Gundam! Mega Man vs. Starscream Regular Show is aware how much its toys suck Free Gundam movies ATFC '13 … Continue reading

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Look for your faves, but do not trust to hope - it has forsaken these shelves

In 2003, while in Japan to promote The Return of the King, stars Viggo Mortensen and Karl Urban stopped in at a shop that sold Gundam toys: And now, some more OAFEry:Rustin's Spoils of the Week #189 Infinity War trailer … Continue reading

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Pilgrim Gundam

If G Gundam ever needs another season, this could be America's mobile suit: And now, some more OAFEry:Mobile Suit Garfield You can pilot a real Gundam (car) Gundam gets Americanized

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Skeletor Gundam

If we can have crossovers between Evangelion and Godzilla, why not He-Man and Gundam? Crossbone Gundam has never looked so evil! (via) And now, some more OAFEry:On the subject of Mattel and its subscriptions The Mattel Big Lots glut continues … Continue reading

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Wodom Pod Burger

Did you know May is National Burger Month? This Gunpla a great way to celebrate!

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Invest in your displays

...or, "don't stand thousands of dollars worth of robots on $20 worth of shelf." (via) And now, some more OAFEry:Velocitron Speedia 500 Part 2 Holidays by Hasbro: Transformers from Hell Transformers Snarl addendum Supervillain primary debate, part 3 Soon Forget: … Continue reading

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Conan, detective

What happens when America's Conan learns about Japan's Conan? And now, some more OAFEry:The Greater York Toy Extravaganza 2012 Long ago in a distant land... ATFC thoughts Rick and Morty Mystery Minis - Pickle Rick review Who's seen Robot Chicken?

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Making some traditional Turkey Day decorations


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