Happy Halloween! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Ah, Halloween... All Hallow's Eve... the Feast of Samhain. A night when gouls and goblins unleash themselves upon an unsuspecting peasant populace. Or, at the very least, a night when thousands of gay men and women unleash themselves upon anyone within five square blocks of the Castro.

The title to this entry refers to one of the many toys I put out on display for Halloween. A few years ago my mother bought a large "ghoul" that was designed to hang from the ceiling. When you tap it or clap near it - or when it hears any loud noise, basically - it wishes you a happy Halloween, which apparently it finds quite amusing, for it follows it up with a long, Skeletor-like laugh.

In addition to the ghoul, my two Halloween displays this year are the Great Pumpkin figures and the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror 1, rounded out with the When Bongos Collide set.

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