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So the Care Bears Movie has arrived from Netflix. Why, you ask, has a 23-year-old man ordered the Care Bears Movie? Not for his own edification, I assure you. It's for yours. It seems that the Care Bears, like 70% of the toy properties that existed in the 1980s, have returned. As someone who freely admits to have once found the Care Bears at least mildly interesting - they were a toy phenomenon, after all, and toys of all types intrigued me as a kid - I decided to find out just how good or bad the Care Bears really were. I'll be discussing the experience in an upcoming review of one of the re-released Care Bears action figures.

I'm hesitant, of course. Not only have I allowed my manhood to be questioned; the entire project could backfire if, say, the movie is so horrible my eyeballs explode or my brain melts down. More likely, however, is that whatever lingering nostalgia I may have for the Care Bears will be swept away by the blatant commercialism of the film. The '80s were a period when the toys came first, the media second. Nowadays it's usually the cartoon first, or at worst, the toy and the cartoon are treated with about equal respect (which is sometimes no respect at all).

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