Mattel comes through

It was just last week that I discussed how Mattel's distribution of the new Masters of the Universe line was plagued by delays and rampant shortpacking of secondary characters. Well, while the shortpacking may still be a problem, it looks like Series 3 (which includes Teela, Orko, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops and variations of He-Man and Skeletor) will indeed be out in time for Christmas. Teela and Orko have already shown up on eBay, and it is hoped that Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw will soon follow.

But... judging from the Mekaneck fiasco (he was supposed to be released with Ram Man in early September, and is only now appearing in stores) I won't be holding my breath for Trap Jaw or Tri-Klops. And it remains to be seen whether even Teela and Orko will be available in any real quantities anytime soon. The Mekaneck Buy-It-Now prices continue to hover around $30, whereas the average 2002 Ram Man is about $15. Here's hoping collectors aren't forced to turn to the scalpers for Teela & company. It would be a shame, particularly for a company with as much capital, distribution agreements, and factories as Mattel has.

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