Brain Gremlin addendum

You'll recall, in the movie Gremlins 2, that there is a scene where the film "breaks" and the Gremlins take over the narrative briefly. It's a funny bit of fourth-wall breaking that could only work in live-action, correct? Not so!

Gremlins 2 came out back in the days when movies received novelizations. Often based on early scripts or even just random ideas the writer had, these books can offer insights into scenes cut from the final film, and play around with the world in interesting ways. For instance, in the novelization, at the point where the film breaks, Brain Gremlin interjects thusly:

There. The novelizer, Mr. David Bischoff, Esq., has been successfully waylaid and is now tied up in the bathroom of his Los Angeles apartment. Do not attempt to adjust your book. We have control of the programming. Please excuse the rudeness. You have previously known me as the "Gremlin that drank the brain fluid" - or, as Bischoff quaintly called me, Mr. Glasses. Believe it or not, in the screenplay, I am referred to as BRAIN GREMLIN. I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about our philosophy toward life, so that we will not be misunderstood and branded as "monsters." Yes, but faithful novel readers, I do not intend to cheat you. In the movie presentation, Gremlins take over the movie theater (ah, what a delicious conceit - excellent, Joe - was that you?) and Hulk Hogan comes to the rescue. I do believe that Kenneth Tobey of THE THING is somewhere in there. However, let us deal with more intellectual matters. In the great paradigm of anti-intellectualism that is the vast American untermenchen, there needs to be a seismic quake of thought, a veritable avalanche of anarchy, to wake you somnambulent beings from your couch-potato torpor. May I offer you the services of we Gremlins. You may hereafter refer to us as the New Capitalist Democratic Nice Folks. Already our numbers are spreading out from the heart of America to aid you in this endeavor and although you may be viewing this physically for the first time now (except for those lucky citizens of Kingston Falls who received a foreshadow some years ago) our intellectual forces have been at work for some time, albeit embodied in human form. According to my contacts with our crypto-CD's the Church of SubGenius it is generally not know[sic], for instance, that the entirety of network television is programmed by proto-Capitalist Democrats. However, the past is merely prologue, introduction, forward, with some long footnotes thrown in. Our time is now! So, my dear readers (oh, the few, the chosen literate who have been intelligent enough to purchase this volume) prepare for a New Age of the New Capitalist Demo - Oh dear. Mr. Bischoff seems to have successfully axed his way out of the bathroom. Methinks I need to fly and return this temporarily liberated keyboard to his suburb, urbane and witty prose - Back I fly to the Clamp Cent...

And then the regular novel continues on from there. It may not feature Hulk Hogan or John Wayne, but what a clever way of capturing the oddball humor of the film in a different medium!

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