Comic Hellboy news!

It's nothing that new, but there were some interesting tidbits in this article from

"A new 18" Hellboy in the works!

While no photography was allowed, Mezco did show off their Mike Mignola comic book inspired line of Hellboy action figures in painted prototype form.

As is already known, Series 1 will include Hellboy, Lobster Johnson, head of Von Klempt in a jar (two versions were shown), Mecha Ape and Liz Sherman. Asked about multiple variant head sculpts (as seen in abundance with their Hellboy movie figure line), Mezco stated at Toy Fair that there will be two Hellboy head sculpts mixed in, but the rest of the line should remain unchanged. As with any new line this early in development, keep in mind that changes may occur from now and final release.

A startling new addition was a comic-based 18" Hellboy similar to last year's awesome roto-vinyl movie figure. No revealing details were disclosed, but I will say that the prototype looked mighty sweet."

The stuff that interested me: two Hellboy head sculpts, two von Klempt head sculpts, and the 18" Hellboy - I knew about the 18"-er, but will he have a coat? The 8" figure allegedly does not.

I'm guessing the alternate 8" Hellboy head sculpt will be a fully-horned version - or maybe it'll be just another closed mouth/gritted teeth situation.

In any event, I'll be getting them all.

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