ToyFare #99

Just a quick note - I wrote a very small sidebar piece for this month's ToyFare (#99). It's the "What's In Store" section on page 111. I'm scheduled to write this section for a while (or at least the next three issues).

I also have a longer article coming in next month's big 100th issue - once it hits newsstands, I'll mention it here.

In the meantime, I want to thank Shocka for keeping this blog alive. I've been very busy with a new job (at a computer game company, no less), but I hope to post a bit more often in the coming months.

Incidentally, Mezco's Hellboy figures will finally start hitting stores in the next few weeks. I've preordered the exclusive Hellboy with trenchcoat through MezDirect and have the rest of the figures (and the Goon line) on order through my local comicshop. It's been over a year since Mezco announced they'd gotten the rights to the line, so suffice to say I feel I've been pretty darned patient waiting for these things (heck, I've lost interest in Hellboy twice in the intervening months!).

But the figures look fantastic, and the wait is becoming ever so short, so with luck, I'll have them on my desk in time for All Hallows Eve.

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