yo: Wal*Mart Legends - some good, some bad

Stumbled onto a truly massive haul today, getting most of the Wal*Mart -exclusive Marvel Legends in one fell swoop. Kitty Pryde, Ms. Marvel and Bearded Sentry were sold out, and I didn't much care for the one Thor they had. Bent head-wing. But still, I got the majority, and I like 'em. Most of 'em.

Sabretooth has the ugliest frickin' face of anything ever.  Early peg-warmers are Ant-Man and Sabretooth.

But here's my problem: in order to build the big Giant-Man, you have to buy the variants. Well, one of them. Regular AoA Logan has the right boot, variant has the left glove. WTF, ToyBiz! It's now going to be unspeakably difficult to build the complete BAF. Granted, the Sentry (a low-demand character to begin with) has the same piece with both the standard and the variant, so there's hope, but that's still a pretty low thing to do. Variants are supposed to be a bonus, not a necessity

Now, back to the positive: the Archenemies Face-Off packs seem to be packed evenly between regular and variant editions. The display holds three of each (18 sets total), so you should be able to pick the one you want with little hassle. Too bad this even-handedness doesn't translate to the single-packed Legends...

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