Marvel Legends: The Fallen One (Obsidian Surfer) exclusive review

Theydies and gentlethems, the first Walgreens exclusive of 2021!

Silver Surfer journeys from the distant future to confront the colossal threat of King Thanos with the power of Mjolnir.

Well, there you see why this is a blog review instead of a real review: the bio on the back of the box covers literally every thing you need to know. Who is this? It's the Silver Surfer. Does he come with any new accessories? Mjolnir. Cut, print, wrap!

In the "Thanos Wins" storyline, Norrin Radd was left directionless after King Thanos killed Galactus (and everyone else), so he decided to avenge them. Knowing he wasn't powerful enough to face Thanos alone, he spent millennia becoming worthy of Mjolnir, hoping that would be enough to tip the scales. N.B.: the story is not called "Thanos is Hit in the Face by a Hammer and Dies," so yeah.

While this figure (everything on the front of the box calls him "Silver Surfer," while the big name on the back calls him "Obsidian Surfer" and the story just referred to him as "The Fallen One") uses the same molds as the 2018 exclusive, he's done in a much darker grey. It's not quite the jet black it should be, since he was at some point imbued with "black matter," which is like dark matter, but darker? This is merely a dark grey, barely darker than the head of the hammer. His board is the same shade, and his alternate hands, though his energy effects are purple. The cardboard tray behind the figure shows a deep space scene. The hips and alternate wrists are a little loose, and neither of the gripping hands is really shaped to hold Thor's hammer very well.

I didn't know this figure was coming, and frankly, I wouldn't have been too sad if I missed it. But seeing it actually show up in my local Walgreens was exciting enough that I wanted to remind them that support for the line exists, and they should continue stocking Marvel Legends. The fact that he'll go nicely with King Thanos and Cosmic Ghost Rider is just a good bonus.

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  1. "Thanos is Hit in the Face by a Hammer and Dies" would be a better story.

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