Marvel Legends: Joe Fixit Hulk exclusive review

Joe Fixit, Bruce Banner's alter-alter-ego, trades scruples for extra intelligence, giving him the will and the way to act outside the moral boundaries of both Bruce and The Hulk.

Hey look, it's that Build-A-Figure I completed, with minorly new paint. Am I a sucker for buying this? Yes, probably. Is this release better than the BAF? Yes, definitely. Do I have a third question I can put here to fill out the "rule of threes" for good writing structure? No, I do not, so that just all falls apart right there. [way to paragraph, loser --ed.]

In Hasbro's defense, it's been two years since the BAF; they've definitely double-dipped faster than that in the past. And this one has a lot of features the old one didn't. To start with, a striped suit, which is better than plain blue. Sure, they could have done him in the white jacket and black pants look, but then he might get confused for Kingpin. Secondly, this release gets alternate hands, to hold the included Hulk-sized Tommy gun; hey, if the mob was paying for his suits, they could easily pay for his weaponry, as well. Unexpectedly, the ammo drum can be removed from the gun for more play.

Both this figure's heads are new, and it's to the toy's benefit. We get two: one wearing his giant fedora, the other with bare hair. Even the hat on that head is new, sitting on his head at a rakish angle, and he has a slight curl on his lip. The other head has a lock of hair falling over its forehead, and a big, wide, Jimmy-Cagney-style smile to make him look a bit unhinged. Both heads recall the art of Jeff Purves, who did a lot of the Joe Fixit issues. No surprise both new heads were sculpted by Paul Harding.

If you built the videogame Build-A-Figure, do you need this Walmart-exclusive Joe Fixit? Absolutely not. But if we made good decisions in likfe, would we be toy collectors? The white spats on the old figure are cooler than this one's plain black shoes, but everything else about this release makes it the superior offering.

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7 Responses to Marvel Legends: Joe Fixit Hulk exclusive review

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Darn it! My supplier who helps me import stuff offered this to me, but I was on the fence about it.

    But the tommy gun, the suit, the alternate heads? Yeah, that sells it for me. Plus, I don't have to buy a bunch of figures I don't actually want to get him. Hahah.

    Is the tommy gun compatible with any blast effect parts from over the years, I wonder? Like, I would think that the "machine cannon shooting" effect from War Machine or something from the Transformers Siege line would look good at the end of the barrel.

    • yo go re says:

      Oh, I forgot to include that, thanks! It does have a port, the same size as all those Iron Man repulsor blast effects...

      • Ai Muhao says:

        Oooh! Even more sold, then! Thanks for the update and the pic!

      • My Common Sense is Tingling says:

        Aren't the Iron Man effects the same size as the TF fire blasts?

        • Ai Muhao says:

          That's....actually a good question. I don't have any Iron Man figures that have them though, so...

          But I hope they are, because I do feel that considering the size of the tommy gun, some of the larger blast effects would be more appropriate.

  2. Monty Pla says:

    The faces especially sell this one over the BAF. The expression on the old one is weirdly blank. And one of Paul Harding's strengths is giving his face sculpts a lot of character through the expression, which is on display REALLY well for both of the heads here.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      Yes, definitely. The one with the head just screams "I'm going to break your legs" while the other makes me think he's going, "Okay, you knocked off my hat. Now I'm really gonna take my time wit ya."

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