More Exclusive Than The Exclusives

So I've sent more money to Rustin to cover this year's SDCC Exclusives than I've spent on clothes in the past two years, and he's doing a pretty good job of being my packmule. But here's the thing: some of the exclusives are too hard to get.

Now, I'm not talking about the (idiotic) raffles or the (freaking stupid) variants - I'm here today to bitch and moan about something much more mundane:

There's no complete list of all the exclusives. What the hell!

There are four or five sites that all offer a list of exclusives. Heck, we had one. The official SDCC site had a four-page list, and even that didn't list everything. But the people who compile these lists depend on the companies or fans in the know to keep things tight. If the word doesn't get out, the fans get hosed. You have to cross-reference 14 different sites just to make sure you're not missing anything, and then you miss it anyway.

Did you know that there was a Lego exclusive? It was a two-pack of Batman and Joker minifigs, together in a box. When you opened the box, it played a soundclip of Mark Hammil doing his Joker laugh. How cool does that sound? And wasn't it on any list.

Plan B apparently had an Easy Company exclusive, using their long-awaited new body. Awesome! And again, not on the lists. I seriously want that toy, but I couldn't very well ask Rustin for it when nobody knew it existed.

Those are just two examples, but I'm sure there are more: we just haven't heard of them yet. If companies want to sell these exclusives, they need to advertise. I don't mean buying full page ads in ToyFare like Mattel does, I just mean getting on email and telling us the things exist.

I want to give you my money. Why won't you let me?

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