News item: Changes at SOTA

The Co-founder of SOTA Toys announces the appointment of the new CEO and VP

Lake Balboa, CA - Today, John Schouweiler, the co-founder, owner, and CFO of SOTA Toys, announced the appointment of Guang Yang as the new CEO and Jackson Pornpitayalert as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Both Guang and Jackson have had many years of experience in the collectable industry, each from a different perspective.

Formerly the creative director at Toynami during its earlier years, Guang has worked side-by-side with all the talent there to produce some of the industry's finest collectable toys. With his unique background in collectable development, manufacturing, a focused objective-driven business sense, and his Chinese-American heritage, Guang has been bridging the gap between toy developers like SOTA Toys and its factories for the past year while eliminating most of the communication difficulties in operation that still plagues many toy developers today.

On the other hand, Jackson has been a veteran in the retail business, including collectible toys and statues for nearly a decade. With multiple retail stores passionately named "J-Station," Jackson has a grass-root connection with collectors, fans, and distributors alike. His experience not only gives him the first-hand knowledge of the trend in the collectable market, but also provides him with a unique take on consumer needs and criticisms.

"With the experience and expertise these two bring to the company, SOTA Toys is now truly vertically integrated with a clear line of communication that extends from sculptors to assembly lines to our fans," said John enthusiastically.

Aside from their business sense, Guang and Jackson are also die-hard fans of comics, movies, and video games, which apparently is the unwritten prerequisite to join Team SOTA. To continue SOTA's strong connection with its fans and loyal supporters, Guang and Jackson will be actively participating within the online community.

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