About toy store workers

In the discussion for our upcoming "Worst of the Year" award, people nominated stores. Yes, "stores." For bad selection and unhelpful employees.

I kind of agree about the workers. The employees are doing a job, and if I was a rug cleaner I'd try to have the cleanest rugs, you know? Whatever you're doing, do your best. But to be fair, pimply teens making $6 an hour working late nights at the world's redneckiest store...can you blame 'em? I personally haven't had a bad experience at Wal*Mart or target, but I try to gauge how helpful an employee will be before I approach him/her.

Also, get to know stores...I know one Target out of the 5 or so around me that I can always count on to have helpful employees that will almost always pull from the back if I have the DPCI. They just run a tight ship.

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