OAFEnet update for Thursday, November 23

To Americans, Happy Thanksgiving (or day after, depending on when you check your email). To everyone else, happy Thursday! It's time for the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • Our theme this week is "blue." At least for yo's reviews. He started the week with a character who's got blue skin, blue hair and blue clothes.
  • Poe's review wasn't necessarily blue in a color sense, but he is kind of mopey. So I guess it could be blue as in "depressed." Yeah, we're reaching. Follow the link near the bottom of the review to learn more about the future of plastic.
  • Our next review jumped from the sky - the wild blue yonder, naturally - in a blue uniform and carrying blue weapons.
  • Remember, if you don't tell your friends and family what you want for Christmahannukwanzikah, it's no one's fault but your own when they get you something odd. Share your wishlist then send the link to everyone you know.
  • After that, we bring you a shambling horror. Finding a blue connection is a bit harder with this one, since he's all green. Though I guess he lives under the ocean, which is blue. At times. Spread your wings and fly.
  • Tomorrow is Black Friday, the day on which only stupid people and the clinically insane go shopping, if they can help it. Find out about all the big Black Friday sales and remember, Black Friday doesn't means stores are hiding things in the back to put out later, it means they're marking down the prices on the stuff they already have.
  • You can find good sales online this weekend, too. Find one here.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday was really more of a Transformers Bluesday. HAW! And now you know why we review toys instead of writing comedy.
  • Monkey Boy travelled back in time several centuries - to the time when warriors painted their face blue before going into battle - to bring you this two-for-one piece.
  • Got a quick poll for you to vote in, and it revolves around one of OAFE's all-time favorite toy lines.
  • Our final review wears a blue costume, bringing our theme week to a close. And hey, imagine our surprise when we opened him up and found out that he blew.

Remember, we're still taking nominations for our Toy of the Year awards, and you can still name as many different items as you can come up with.

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