OAFEnet Update for Thursday, November 9

Concealing Satanic messages, it's the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • We began the week with a pair of cats - or at least one cat and one kitty. Make sure your browser is set to allow infinite looping on animated gifs before you check out these two genetic freaks.
  • DC Comics has divided fans into two camps: those who think Infinite Crisis was the best crossover this year, and those who think Seven Soldiers was tops. Finally, though, there's one figure to bring both those groups together.
  • Good news for Marvel fans: Marvel Select is going to be making some Legends-scale figures.
  • Horror Month is over, which means this week saw the triumphant return of Transformers Tuesday. This one is perfect for a trip to Sturgis.
  • Speaking of Transformers, TRU has a new exclusive that lots of people have been requesting.
  • yo posted a rant on our blog this week, then toned it down and took out most of the insulting material to turn it into a new Point of Articulation, Quitcher Bitchin'! Bet it still gets the fanboys' panties in a twist.
  • So, who's right - yo or the fanboys? Does Hasbro ML2 suck?
  • And finally, a review that is bathed in mystery. Where does he comes from? Why is he there? And what's he doing with that probe?
  • Apparently a rumor surfaced over on NECA's blog this week - anyone know anything about a Lestat action figure?

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