OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 11

After the jam-packed month that was December, it's nice to get back to our usual half-assery. The laziness for which we are so well known was absent for such a long time, we almost forgot what it was like! But have no fear, mediocrity is back!

  • Our first review this week allows you to pick which one of four characters you'd like to learn about. Now, you're on the honor system - no cheating by reading about all of them. That wouldn't be fair to the other students.
  • Be sure to read the blog post that goes with that one, too - with four comments, it's our most popular post ever! Four!
  • We're going to go pretty "Marvel heavy" soon, so we wanted to throw DC a bone, first. Turn on every light in your house before you read this one.
  • Just because the Marvel license has gone to Hasbro, it doesn't mean ToyBiz is dead. See what they're going to be up to.
  • We're actually seeing the first Hasbro Marvel products show up. Has it quieted all the nay-sayers? Hardly. Discuss the situation here.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday wasn't exactly two for the price of one - it was more like one and a half. Enjoy two little-used forms of transportation!
  • Our final review of the week is a famous woman who recently underwent a complete makeover. But unlike most women who do that, she actually looks better.

We've been getting a lot of people asking when we'll be reviewing the Hasbro Legends. Apparently we're some sort of experts on the subject or something. Go figure. Anyway, it will be very soon - we just want to get all the reviews ready to roll before we start. That way there will be less chance of exasperating delays. So buck up, readers; the goodies will be here soon.

If you were reading this update in your email instead of online, this is the point where you'd get an early look at an upcoming review. If that's the kind of thing you want, visit OAFE and sign up!

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