Link exchange

We've been getting a lot of email, lately, from people asking for a link exchange - you know, we list them on our site, they list us on theirs. Seems only fair, right?

Not hardly.

If these people would read our FAQ, they'd already know that we don't do link exchanges. Why not? Well, here, let's cut and paste the reason.

Would you like to exchange links?

Hell no! Emphatically, enthusiastically no. We don't "trade" links. We link to sites we like, sites that might serve a purpose for our readers and ones we can endorse. A link exchange offer is nothing more than saying "I don't like your site well enough to link to it, or I already would have. But I will link to you, if you agree to link to me as well." So no, goodbye.

Pretty simple, right? And you'd think that if someone loves our site so much that they wanted to link to it (wink wink), they'd have at least read that far. But nope, we still get email from these brain donors. And we delete them, unread. Sorry, stupid...

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