OAFEnet Update for Thursday, March 15

The OAFEnet Email Update welcomes our new robot overlords.

We stumbled onto a bit of a theme, this week: two normal people, two armored people, two complete robots. Funny the way things work out.

  • Our first review is a story of redemption - not just for the character, but for the sculptor who did the work. From the man behind one of last year's most reviled lines comes one of this year's most impressive figures.
  • Honestly, someone needs to get to work on creating real life battle suits. You can't honestly claim that you'd keep driving a car to get around if you had access to a suit of armor that could fly you where you wanted to go. But I guess that's still just the purview of the rich and powerful, like the president of America.
  • Have you seen the first three series of Marvel Toys' new Indie Legends? Find them here.
  • yo followed Monkey Boy's lead for our next review, doing two figures at once. Of course, unlike that first review, these figures are entirely legal.
  • For those who say we never review anything from McFarlane, we've got a link that will prove you wrong.
  • Monday's review was specifically tailored for fans of oily, naked men. Funny, we usually only cater to that crowd on WWEdnesdays. Ha! Learn about the figure that pisses off the Iranians, apparently. Talk about reading too much into something.
  • Speaking of our weekly theme days, this Transformers Tuesday review is over 8 million years old. Maybe that's why it's so damn hard to find.
  • A member of the online toy community passed away this week, most unexpectedly.
  • Finally, it's the very first toys from the modern re-imagining of a nearly forgotten property. And if that description wasn't complicated enough, this is either five figures, or one figure with five paint apps.
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