OAFEnet Update for Thursday, April 19

If the OAFEnet Email Update was a drug, I'd sell it by the gram.

So, have you done all your holiday shopping? You stocked up on your snack foods and rented your terrible movies? Tomorrow is 4/20 so, like, half our audience is going to be too... preoccupied to come to the computer. That's why you get the OEU on Thursday!

  • We started the week with something other than a review, for a change. It's more like a pipe dream: the idea of Marvel Toys making a Multiple Man figure, and the best way to do it. Someone get Marvel on the phone, and get them started on this figure.
  • Since Friday is going to be all about the green, we figured we'd do our part to honor that by reviewing the most uptight, straight-laced military man we could find. And yet? He's a big user of the green stuff. Hypocrite.
  • So last week we screwed up your exclusive preview. Because we are dumb. In case you missed it, this is the review you were supposed to get an early look at.
  • Hey, Lego fans! You like Star Wars? Need some more minifigs to fill out your battle scenes? Happy birthday!
  • You know, if you didn't spend all your money on pot, you could probably afford a better ride. An Escalade would probably still be out of the realm of possibility, but maybe a nice Mercedes-Benz? You can get a good deal on used models.
  • Our final review for the week is a dirty, long-haired hippie who wants nothing more than to spend all day at the beach. Yeah, you know the kind. Damn burnouts.
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  1. JesterGoblin says:

    Ahahaha! Thanks for plugging my auctions!


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