OAFEnet Update for Thursday, May 3

Stuck in the midst of a 139-hour download, it's the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • It's no secret that DC loves Batman the way Marvel loves Wolverine: that is, they'll merchandise the hell out of him to the point that any release that doesn't in some way include him seems weird. Of course, when you've already released a Batman in a particular line, what can you do? Gender reassignment surgery!
  • And on a similar note, no line would be complete without Batman's hetero life partner, Superman. Do you think Supes ever gets mad that Batman is more popular than he is, even though he was around first? Or is that kind of petty attitude below a fictional character? Somebody needs a big hug and a chance to talk about their feelings.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday has proven quite popular over on the old message board, despite the fact that the toy is truly ancient. Why is this review so old when when we usually dump all these dust-gatherers on you in February? You can find out on our blog.
  • There are plenty of examples of a character starting out as a simple narrator before becoming a star in their own right. Just look at Dr. Strange, Cain and Abel or even the Cryptkeeper. How often can it be said that a character goes from being a major part of the story to just narrating events? Not often. Even rarer when that same character manages to go back to being a story element. That's quite a journey!
  • It's the start of a new month, so that means it's time for our regular feature, Flippin' Through Previews. It's one of the longest yet, so start saving your money!

Remember, Spider-Man 3 opens tomorrow (or tonight at midnight, if you're lucky), and that means Saturday is Free Comicbook Day. In addition to free comics (duh), any store worth its salt will be having giveaways or at least some decent sales. So hit up your local comicshop and see what goodies you can bring home.

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