Hellboy: Blood & Iron - animated easter eggs

In today's review of the new Gentle Giant Animated Hellboy figure and the Blood & Iron dvd, we mentioned that there were a few little Easter eggs in the film. Here's what you may have missed:

  • A cluttered desk

    When the young Trevor Bruttenholm is getting ready to leave for his first field work, we pan across his desk and catch a glimpse of the files he was studying.

    If you pause, you'll see things like the symbol of the Ogdru Jahad; a photo of Rasputin; a picture of Stonehenge labelled "Project Ragnarok"; the ancient Sumerian symbol of the Right Hand of Doom; a photo of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Ilsa Haupstein and another Nazi - Herman von Kelmpt, perhaps? In any case, all things that longtime Hellboy readers will recognize.

  • Objet d'art

    As Bruttenholm (by the way, can anyone explain how it is that "Bruttenholm" is pronounced "Broom?") retrieves his coat from the rack, you can see a pair of statues on the cabinet to his left.

    One of the statues is the Mesoamerican bat-god Hellboy, Abe and Liz fought at the beginning of the first animated movie, Sword of Storms (also available in Bust-Up form with the dvd at Circuit City).

  • Lurking in the shadows

    Fans who watched all the way through the credits were treated to a glimpse of everyone's favorite fictional WWII vigilante ghost, and were probably pretty pleased with themselves for it. But few realized they'd already seen him in the film itself. Bet you didn't know Lobster Johnson was present at Hellboy's origin.

    That's him hiding in the shadows on the right. And remember, if you ever want to see more of animated LJ, you need to buy Blood & Iron - sales of this movie will determine whether or not they do another, so get your butt to the store!

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