OAFEnet Update for Thursday, June 7

Rocketed from a doomed planet, it's the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • "In the mid-to-late '70s, Captain Marvel starred in a half-hour show on CBS. In 1975, he was paired with The Secrets of Isis, which introduced the new character. The Xena to Cap's Hercules, Isis was high school science teacher Andrea Thomas, granted powers by a mystical amulet. Yeah. She then appeared in her own eight-issue comic..." link
  • "We're trying to stat something new, and we need your help. Ever bought toys online? Then come tell us all about it! This is an ongoing, permanent project, so read up on what we're trying to accomplish here and then contribute!" link
  • "This is a great set. For one price, you get two complete figures that wouldn't seem out of place next to any of your Marvel figures. They both look great, have good articulation, and are entirely vanilla versions of alien races we haven't gotten before. Buy several - these are good army builders..." link
  • It's the start of a new month, so that means it's time for our regular feature, Flippin' Through Previews.
  • "The RGR packaging is nice, and really stands out on the pegs with a rounded blister hugged by a swoosh, and a card that looks similar to the movie line without tying itself into that product expressly. The toy is held in place not by twist-ties, but by two thin strips of plastic..." Transformers Tuesday!
  • If you're looking for Transformers product (now that the official street date has passed), there are a few good places to look online. Particularly if you want free shipping. link
  • And in other stunningly good TF news, look what might be coming to America: link
  • "One thing DC definitely needs to work on is these back-of-the-card bios. One sentence? Really not enough to sum up the character. Yes, it's very "to the point," but sometimes you need a little more than that. Tell us about the OMACs, and how he teamed up with a bunch of other heroes to save the day, nearly sacrificing himself in the process. Something. Anything! One sentence is lame..." link
  • We've got a member looking to trade/buy a specific figure - can anyone out there lend a hand? Looks like you could really make out in the deal: link

So, you wonder what's up with all the quoted intro text for the links this week, rather than generic chatter? It's all taken straight from our RSS feed, which will keep you up to date on the newest of the new automatically, without having to wait for your Thursday fix. You can sign up from any page on our site, so get to it!

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