OAFEnet Update for Thursday, July 26

Now available in the form of a sexy calendar, it's the OAFEnet Email Update.

This week was all about DC comics (with a brief detour for Transformers, of course). And as part of the theme, it started small and got bigger as it went along. Let's begin!

  • Sure, our first review of the week may seem large, what with it covering a huge section of your shelf. But don't be fooled - look at the figures and you'll see they're only about 1" tall! That's tiny!
  • Our second review upped the ante by nearly doubling the size of the figures. And, coincidentally, it's a double review, as well. Two figures at twice the size? That's, like, four times the toy!
  • As long as this week's Transformers Tuesday was bucking the DC trend, it seemed right that we also eschew the size thing. This one? Humungous, and getting larger all the time. Even its component pieces are plus-sized.
  • Okay, enough of that, back to DC and the ever-increasing scale. This one? Three times larger than the last. And if you're counting sideways, well, things have just gone off the charts.
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