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When it comes to toys, variations are a fact of life. Not variants, mind you, but variations. Re-releases of old characters in new costumes. In Poe's column, he adds the caveat of "completely pointless" costumes, but a variation doesn't have to be completely pointless - it's just that the toy companies have a long history of giving us things like Artic Batman. Things that make no sense.

With the Spider-Man Classic line, ToyBiz proved that you can be smart about the variations you offer, and fans will eat them up. Ditto for Marvel Legends - just look at how many Iron Man and Wolverine variations they gave us, but without getting stupid. So yeah, variations can be a good thing... or at least not a bad thing.

So, considering that variations are an inevitability, what are some that you'd like to see? Say you're in charge of the Marvel Legends lineup, but your boss tells you this line has to have one version of all the most popular characters; what do you put in it? Here's mine:

  • The Wolverine: Albert. This cyborg doppelganger would come with removable armor and his little sidekick, Elsie Dee.
  • The Iron Man: Vault Guardsman. This army-builder's armor was designed by Tony Stark, so while it's not technically an Iron Man, it's close enough.
  • The Thor: Thunderstrike. The Thor spin-off identity Eric Masterson adopted after the real god of thunder returned.
  • The Thing: Battle Damage Thing. When Wolverine slashed his face, Ben Grimm took to wearing a metal helmet until he was healed.
  • The Ghost Rider: Western Ghost Rider. The original white-suited version. He doesn't need to include a horse, but the articulation should be enough that you could buy one for him if you wanted.
  • The Captain America: USAgent. A no-brainer.

Are there any other popular characters for variations? Those are the first six I could think of. What would your line-up be?


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