OAFEnet Update for Thursday, August 30

OAFEnet Email Update: The Hour is coming.

This week, for no reason, was all about everybody's favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter. Yes, this would have made a lot more sense, oh, say, a month ago, but we've never really been very good with the punctuality, really. Good toys is good toys, no matter when you get 'em.

  • We began with the kid himself, though he's wearing an unusual outfit. Not "Disco Skeletor" unusual, but unusual nonetheless. And yet, perfectly acceptable. Such a paradox! Contemplate contradictions.
  • What better way to follow the hero than with the villain? If you don't check OAFEnet every day, you might have missed this one. Why'd we speed up the schedule? Because instead of three reviews in one, we opted for one review in three. Don't worry, all will be clear soon.
  • And remember, to keep up to date on all the latest OAFEry, sign up for our RSS feed. Look for the orange button on every page.
  • The third review of this mini-marathon isn't a figure at all. Why, it's just an accessory! That has to be some kind of rip-off, right? We're just trying to short-shrift you by quickly throwing together a few sentences about an extra bit of plastic? Yeah, pretty much.
  • Anyone out there really dig the Star Wars Titanium vehicles? If so, give your input.
  • We're finally starting in on the SDCC exclusives with this week's Transformers Tuesday, a late-G1 introduction who hit the big time.
  • Speaking of Transformers, yo is trying to get someone to buy him one in celebration of OAFEnet's 5th Anniversary. When asked, he said he'd offer a free lifetime OAFE subscription to whoever buys it for him. Sounds suspicious, to me.
  • Our final review of the week was your email preview last time, a dour, sneering, black-clad villain. Or not villain. Or maybe villain again, but also victim. And also... ah, forget it. Just go read.
  • We promised you a new OAFE shirt this week, too, and we delivered. It's linked from that last review - we're sure you'll be able to find it.

Next week, we're beginning a series of reviews on figures that had a pretty big delay. Sure, some folks have had them for ages, but we still get more requests for these reviews than any others. The first goes up Saturday, and we'll (hopefully) run right through them all after that. Until next time, remember: "The Hour is coming."

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