GI Joe Movie Watch: A trio of leaders

Our last GI Joe movie watch involved news from Variety, and so does today's. As the title suggests, we have three new leaders: two good and one evil.

Dennis Quaid brings some big-name power to the role of Gen. Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy, who's probably best known as "that guy everyone confuses for Duke." Convenient, then, that our other casting news is Channing Tatum as Duke (not to be confused with Stockard Channing or Tatum O'Neal). Some folks may be worried about a relatively unknown actor taking over what is ostensibly the film's lead role, but remember: just because you don't know who he is, that doesn't mean he's not a good actor. You hadn't seen The Cider House Rules before Tobey Maguire was cast in Spider-Man, after all.

So those are our two good guys; who's the baddie? No, they haven't finally announced the casting of Cobra Commander; this is about the leader of the Dreadnoks! Zartan will be played by Arnold Vosloo. Vosloo has previously worked with GIJoe director Stephen Sommers in The Mummy, where he played... well, the mummy. He's the man behind the digital effects that brought Imhotep to life, so playing the chameleon-ish Zartan shouldn't be too unfamiliar for him. Now, the important question: will his skin turn blue in the sun?

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