Flippin' Through Previews - February '08

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in April.

If DC Direct really wants to stay true to the comics with their All Star Action Figures, they'll ship about a year late. We get two figures from each of the books, and while Batman and Batgirl look pretty much like Jim Lee's artwork, the Superman and Super Lois just don't have Frank Quitely's ugly, talentless style. Which is a good thing. Page 141.

Boy, the double-page spread of Spawn Series 33 looks awesome. We're finally getting the Ancient Egyptian Spawn series fans have been asking for for years - too bad they don't move like the Viking Spawn figures. Page 176.

Turn to page 178, though, and you'll be greeted by McFarlane's Military 3-Inch Series 2, which are pretty much a huge joke. Imagine if the GI Joe 25th Anniversary Collection had no articulation and less imagination, and you'll get the idea. Some of the full-sized figures in McMilitary 7 on the next page look decent, though.

Hard to believe we're already up to MLB Series 21. Fans of the Dodgers, the Rangers, the Twins, the Yankees, the Red Sox or the Cubs should see page 180.

Futurama Series 3 is listed on page 434, featuring Bender, Kif, and the last Robot Devil BAF pieces.

The rest of that page is taken up by GI Joe 25th Anniversary Coillection figures: two regular lines and one set of two-packs.

Did you know there's going to be a new Spider-Man Animated Series? Apparently so, and it's got toys listed on page 436.

Mattel's new Batman: The Dark Knight figures are listed on page 438. Let's hope they don't suck as bad as the last movie's.

Superhero Squad sets are listed on page 442: Hulk & Spider-Woman, Deadpool & Punisher, Cable & Captain America, and Spidey & Doc Ock. There are also listings for new four-packs, featuring the Avengers and the X-Men.

The same page sees a four-figure set of figures from 30 Days of Night, designed by Gentle Giant. One figure costs $22? That can't be right.

Battlestar Galactica fans should like the listing for Razor Cylon Minimates on page 446 - they're halfway between the original show's designs and the new ones.

Boy, the Heroes figures on page 448 really look unimpressive. Love the show, but it isn't exactly toyetic.

Have you ever wanted to carry a cannibal in your pocket? Now you can, thanks to the Silence of the Lambs Minimates on page 450. Too bad Buffalo Bill is wearing pants, so you can't make him do his little dance.

There are two series of Spider-Man Trilogy figures listed on page 452. What's Spider-Man Trilogy? Another excuse for Hasbro to re-release old figures.

Some really nice Star Wars figures pop up on page 457 - a line of all Stormtroopers, a Clone Wars themed line, and several two-packs.

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