McFarlane Toys Dark Ages Spawn Skull Queen addendum

Today I reviewed the old Skull Queen, Marlanda, from McFarlane Toys' Spawn Series 11: "The Dark Ages" figure, and crikey if that isn't quite the long and overly intricate name to have to type out just for purposes of a search-engine-friendly link. In any case, I told you there that the figure I was reviewing was not the original version, but rather the repaint, as was Todd's style at the time: release a toy, wait a while, release a different color of it in the same packaging as a refresh.

However, no one at all can review the original original Skull Queen, because the prototype sculpt had not only those odd, bony, wings on her backpack, but also a long bone scorpion tail coming out of the bottom.

That also explains why she was so awkward with her giant weapons and hanging monkey: because the initial plan was for her to have something behind her to both balance the weight, and to serve as an additional point of support to supplement her feet. With that budgeted out, we're left trying to stand an ice cream cone via its pointy end.

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