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I want this so bad, but I’m afraid I’ll bite into it

In addition to being a bakeaholic, I'm a Lego junkie. I hadn't put much thought into putting the two together, but now I don't have to - Kit Kat marketers have done it for me. Hat tip to Neatorama for … Continue reading

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A Poison Ivy pet theory

I should have known I would have gotten a tonne of questions about my "don't ask" statement in the write-up for the Poison Ivy custom. Rather than email everyone back individually, I'll just save time an post the theory here. … Continue reading

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Kotobukiya X-Men Jean Grey Bishoujo Statue

A few days before Toy Fair, Japanese company Kotobukiya released this art showing the design for their upcoming Jean Grey statue: Not bad, right? Now the images of the final statue have been released, and after looking at it for … Continue reading

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Tarot Minimates cancelled

Remember a few months ago when Minimates based on Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose were solicited? Well, forget it.

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Seventh Kingdom Cat Warriors addendum

Today I reviewed the six kittens (not to be confused with "sex kittens," which would be a much different kind of toy review) from the Four Horsemen's Seventh Kingdom line. We were unable to be a sponsor/partner this year, so … Continue reading

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G4H Lola addendum: Gunn Industries

Since 1994, the United States leads the privatization of the military with over $300 billion in defense contracts. One of those private military organizations that prospered during the Gulf Wars were a small defense company called Gunn Industries. Today, Gunn … Continue reading

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Ms. Marvel's psych profile

yo's reviewed the Marvel Universe Ms. Marvel figures before I got a chance, but never mind, I would have said pretty much the same stuff. Although it's worth noting that (so long as Operation: Lightning Storm was going on) she … Continue reading

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Live-action Darkchylde trailer

In today's review of Moore Action Collectibles' Darkchylde figure, we mentioned that Weta Workshop had made a spec trailer for a live-action Darkchylde movie. It certainly sounds like it'll be a total abomination, doesn't it? Let's watch:

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Lady Death addendum

Today I reviewed Dark Alliance Lady Death. Here's an unrelated video from Robot Chicken. And now, some more OAFEry:What to get Snake-Eyes Conan, detective Rustin's Spoils of the Week #183 Raw10 - Fren-Z exclusive review Venture Bros. Monarch addendum

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