Lego Batman Minifigures: Tarantula review

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This lady is no itsy-bitsy spider! A former FBI agent, Catalina Flores took up the mantle of an old-timey hero to become the new Tarantula. Although her plan was to be a superhero, her extreme methods have often made her walk the fine line between vigilante and all-out villain. She may not have super powers, but Tarantula's twin blades and formidable fighting skills make her a capable adversary.

Bat-Fact: Despite her name, she only has two legs.

Even better Bat-Fact: Tarantula isn't a Batman villain. She's a Nightwing villain. Semi-villain. Also, she had her way with him while he was having a mental breakdown. Back to full villain after all. Like the unfortunate Zebra-Man, Tarantula is included with set 70907, Killer Croc's Tail-Gator. She's a modern version of a Golden Age hero, but wears a feminized take on the costume he was given in the '80s. Would the WWII John Law Tarantula have been more popular if he bared his stomach and had no sleeves? We say yes! He wore tan and she wears yellow, but the big angular spider on her chest is a clean tampo. She's armed with a pair of ninja blades, because Lego doesn't have any plain daggers. And as is the style, she has different expressions on different sides of her head.

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