"I want to tell you about the Transformers!"

One of the things that's always set OAFEnet apart from all our followers and imitators is that our reviews give you so much more information about the background of the toys. There's no question that you learn something every time you read OAFEnet. While everyone else is concerned with star ratings and dry facts and figures, OAFEnet gives you reviews that are as entertaining as they are informative. But these things don't just happen: we may seem to know more about everything than everyone else, but that's just because we do the research. Reviewing a movie character? Watch some clips. Reviewing a superhero? Read up on the comics. We go the extra mile, so we sound smart. And one of the places we get this information is the Transformers Wiki.

The Transformers Wiki at TFwiki.net is, just as the name implies, a TF-based wiki. They used to have a home at Wikia (where you can find a themed wiki for just about any topic you can think of), but when that company got really obnoxious with their ads and refused to work with the editors, TF Wiki pulled up stakes and moved to a new server. Which yes, technically means they're competing with their old domain name, but it's really not much of a competition. TF Wiki is the place to go. We get some of our information there and, turnabout being fair play, they've gotten some of their information from us.

The site, in addition to being tremendously in-depth and informative, also encourages its users to have a sense of humor - the major failing of Wikipedia and sites trying to copy it, of course, being its rigid adherence to a "just the facts" attitude that strips out anything of actual interest or use. TFwiki is to Wikipedia as OAFEnet is to other review sites.

Now, yes, some of the "big name" editors there are pedantic jerks. It happens everywhere. And the general attitude is second only to Wikipedia itself when it comes to an "anonymous users don't count" mindset. But none of that changes the fact that the Transformers Wiki is a great site to read, and will give you all sorts of new info about these old characters.

P.S.: for an example, go see where we got the quote that titles this blog post.

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