OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 22

I've got a fever for the flavor of the OAFEnet Email Update.

Ready to dive head-first into a week's worth of awesome new reviews? Excellent! Here we go.

  • Unsure of any better way to start, we got the week underway with another Bionicle review. This particular figure/set is a good demonstration of how far the line has come - remember, when it started, there weren't any villains at all, and now they're mixed right in.
  • Our Joe Friday may have been a bit daunting this week: it's actually four reviews in one! That means much bigger, much more informative, and much more likely to make you want the set it's covering. Well, maybe. We'd like to think so, at least.
  • The weekly Star Wars review is sort of a continuation of the one from last week. What's that you say? You don't remember what we covered last week? No worries, it doesn't really matter - maybe following this new link will refresh your memory!
  • Sunday's review has undergone quite a change. It's a character who's been around for a while, and although he's from a series that relies heavily on color-coding, he's a different shade now than he used to be.
  • Want to hear a story about how lazy we are? The Marvel Legends Monday review only features two actual pictures of the toy in question. That seems like a total ripoff, doesn't it? Find out if you should be angry or not by reading the review.
  • Because the week wasn't jam-packed enough already, yo decided to do both an Autobot and a Decepticon for this Transformers Tuesday. And also tacked on a little bit of history about a line of TF toys that never came to be. Showoff.
  • You'd think that if someone were described as the world greatest warrior, every toy of them would be well articulated and fun to play with, right? Yeah, if that was true, then the figure Artemis reviewed Tuesday wouldn't be such a huge standout.
  • Inspired by that, yo reviewed a superhero who really stretches the idea of what a hero is. Or, more accurately, what crap you can get up to in your private life and still be considered a hero.
  • And for those who think we're beating a dead horse with that review, we posted a blog to prove that our silly little meme is also 100% true.
  • To round out the week, a figure that sounds like it should look like a bat, but doesn't.

Once again, thanks for reading! We love you all personally. In fact, someone will be around shortly to give you your personal lovin'. Just leave the money on the nightstand.

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