In defense of Zartan's Swamp Skier

In today's review of the new G3 Zartan, I complained about how undersized his Chameleon Swamp Skier is, but also said there's an easy excuse for it.

So the old Chameleon was longer than the figure, and this new one is significantly smaller. How do you reconcile that? Well, it's easy. Forget some handwave about how he has two of the things, for separate occasions: I say they're the same thing. Same exact Chameleon seen with both toys; the tiny speck of a thing included with this new release, and the big bike-sized ride that came out in 1984. And before you say that's impossible, consider this:

Do you remember the Batman Beyond spin-off The Zeta Project? It was about a military killbot on the run from the government, etc. In order to hide who he was, however, Zeta had a built-in hologram projector; and to disguise himself as a different variety of people, quite a bit of his body could change size. He could make himself taller, shorter, skinnier, whatever. If you've played The Force Unleashed, you saw the same kind of thing with the training droid PROXY.

Anyway, with that in mind, Zartan is a master of disguise. Part of it is appliances, like masks and whatnot, but there's also some kind of holographic reaction, too. And since he'd want to make sure his disguise was flawless, he'd need to disguise the Swamp Skier - probably throwing a hologram over it. So it would make sense that perhaps the Chameleon is sufficiently advanced that it can change its shape, to a degree. Need a more inconspicuous disguise? Shrink! Plus, it'd make navigating an overgrown swamp that much easier. Hey, it worked for Batman, right?

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