Flippin' Through Previews - April '09

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in June.

You know, it really gives you an idea of the state of the industry when neither DC Direct nor McFarlane Toys have anything new to show off. Seriously, we have to get to page 346 before we get anything of interest - in this case, Star Trek Series 5, which includes Nurse Chapel - aka, Majel Barrett, Gene Roddenberry's wife, Counselor Troi's mom and the voice of the computers.

On page 349 is the new Marvel Select Kree Mar-Vell. Yes, they've already done several Captain Marvels. This is a new costume.

Minimates fans will like page 350 and 351, where you can see Series 27 (The Ultimates) and 28 (Wolverine an' Pals). The pairs are Thor/Iron Man, Hulk/Nick Fury, Cap/Shield Agent (plus variant WWII Cap), Gambit/Psylocke, Wolverine/Deadpool, Sabretooth/Skrull (and variant first appearance Sabretooth).

If you want to pay $22 for Movie Masters, you can order the new ones on page 354.

Mezco's Cinema of Fear has reached Series 4, with a new Jason, Freddy and Nightmare victim on page 356.

There are Marvel Universe and Wolverine and the X-Men figures on page 358, plus some things we've seen before. Then, on page 359, there are new Superhero Squad (Spidey/Green Goblin, Iron Fist/Spidey/Bishop/Wolverine and Deathlok/Iron Man 2020) and Marvel Legends two packs.

There's lots of Transformers 2 stuff listed on page 365, but no pictures.

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