yo - It's good to go home

For the Memorial Day weekend, I've gone home for a visit. The best part of the trip down here was stopping at every Wal*Mart, Target and TRU between Point A and Point B.

But even with that, the highlight of all that shopping was getting to stop at my old comicshop. The store where I used to get my Wednesday fix was (and still is) one of the best toy stores I've ever been in. The walls are just stacked with cool stuff, so walking up and down the aisles is a real treat. There's an excellent mix of recent stuff, new things that are still hard to find and old favorites you may have been looking for for years. For instance, I picked up the Spirit Minimates four-pack and the Star Wars Unleashed IG-88: something new and something old, all at once. And there was a lot of other stuff I would have gotten, if I'd had more money.

Now, there are a lot of stores that have old product hanging around collecting dust, and admittedly, my old store does, too. There are things there that I just look at and shake my head; things that you can't imagine anyone buying. But then, just a few feet down the aisle, you'll see some old Spawn figures that are from back in the day, when Todd was at the top of his game, stuff people would be proud to have in their collections. You can get Microman, Buffy, Space Ghost, Shockinis, Transformers both familiar and obscure... almost anything a collector would want, right there in one place.

The comicshop I go to now is nice. It has a decent selection of action figures, and will gladly order anything you request. But it doesn't even come close to my old store, which is much more toy-friendly. It's cramped and overloaded, but I still make a point to stop there every time I go home, and always end up getting something really fun at a really good price.

So, do you have a store like that? Is your lcs super cool, or do you have fond memories of a store that used to seem to have everything imaginable? Let's hear 'em!

And if you get the chance, be sure to stop by Atomic Comics in Hagerstown, Maryland. You won't regret it.


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  1. Oisín Hunt says:

    My lcs SUCKS! It's actually not that local at all, but it's the closest to me. They won't order anything in for you, simply call you if by any chance they get it in again, they have WAY to many Star Wars figures, and not enough Marvel, DC and all others! What is the most pathetic part is that it's one of the most well-known comic-stores in all of Ireland! UGH!!!

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