OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, June 18

The OAFEnet Email Update is the best imaginary friend you'll ever have.

  • Joe Friday is one of the 80s' major proponents of water safety - which is especially odd, since his hometown is about as landlocked as you can get. Guessed who it is, yet? Only one place to find out.
  • Remember when Bionicle started, and that red guy was all over the place? My, how times have changed!
  • Speaking of inexplicable popularity, look what a cumulative 42 seconds of screentime can do for you.
  • You never know what forgotten movie will get toys next - as Monkey Boy so deftly proves with Monday's review. Tread into the obscure!
  • If you wish for something hard enough, apparently it can come true. Marvel Monday showed all those fanboys who can't tell one costume from another what the deal is.
  • The subject of this week's Transformers Tuesday is confused. About his name, his affiliation, his place in the world... everything. Maybe you can help him work everything out.
  • Mattel's DC Universe Series 8 isn't even in stores yet, but we've got the first reviews already. Obviously we didn't want to wait for these the way we had to for Series 4. And 6. And also 7. We'll get to those someday, really.
  • But on that note, here's the final released figure from our DCU 4 series of reviews.
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