OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, June 4

Inundated by rainfall, it's the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • What possible sense does it make for someone who's totally anti-fire to have a name that is very specifically fire-friendly? Joe Friday has the answer.
  • Our two weekend reviews were chosen because their names go together so nicely. One's the master of the obvious, the other's a guest-star from another continuity: it's the crime-fighting team of Deena and Deanna!
  • Here's the evilest vehicle since, well, take your pick. Christine? Project Satan? The Chevy Aveo? Whichever, this one's worse.
  • This week's Marvel Monday is an exclusive female figure, and yet it wasn't reviewed by Artemis! Unthinkable!
  • The new Transformers movie toys were released over the weekend, so we wasted no time in bringing the "Revenge of the Fallen" to Transformers Tuesday.
  • Usually character drift means a big change in personality or motivations, but when your character's based around ice and snow, "drift" is almost part of the job description.
  • You get a look at the future this week, and it's not even the EUE! That just means it can be enjoyed by everyone.
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