OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, July 2

The OAFEnet Email Update exists only in the land of wind and ghosts.

  • The first series of B.P.R.D. Buddies comprises four pairs of figures, and three of those pairs include a Hellboy - or "Red," as he's cleverly known on the packaging. He's Red, the property's "HBII," and uptight parents can't complain about seeing offensive things on the shelf at Toys R Us. Everybody wins... (more)
  • JOE FRIDAY! brings us naturally to Sienna Miller and ouroboros-like to the toyline of the movie of the toyline. "The Rise of Cobra" Baroness is 4" tall and is naturally decked out in sexy black leather, though unlike the promo pics of the real costume it's SHINY sexy black leather for the figure, so she must squeak alarmingly when she's in a fight... (more)
  • Mainstream sci-fi has gotten solar sailers so wrong so often that nowadays you're more likely to see counter-examples: craft created by writers who KNOW they wouldn't really work, and so take the time to stick in some pseudo-science garbage to dodge the problem. Dooku's so-called "solar sailer" is one such - if you look into the background... (more)
  • The Spirit is played in the film by completely unknown actor Gabriel Macht. If you were hoping this was going to be your big break, Gabe, well, sorry for your luck. The figure has a decent enough likeness, hidden away beneath the brim of that fedora and behind the domino mask. The mask, incidentally, was a concession on Eisner's part... (more)
  • This figure is, of course, the first Hawkgirl (the first one published, that is), when the symbiont inhabited the body of Shiera Sanders - the costume is the giveaway for her vintage, she's got her underwear on outside of her pants like a good classic superhero should. Based on Hawkman's costume, and inheriting his somewhat poor taste... (more)
  • MARVEL MONDAY! None of the details of Carol's costume are sculpted - apparently the MU women are just going to share a generic body, rather than getting unique details like the men. Wolverine's had three figures and three different sculpts already, but Ms. Marvel is smooth and featureless. In Hasbro's defense, though, it's not like the uniform... (more)
  • TRANSFORMERS TUESDAY! Remember how Sam had that friend who liked to climb trees? Bumblebee shows up and that kid is never seen again. Was he killed by a hobo walking home after Sam ditched him at the park? Maybe the jocks jumped him and threw his body down a shaft. Sam gets an outer space robot and suddenly he's too cool for all his old buddies... (more)
  • "Terminator: Salvation" did score a few points nonetheless, and one of them was hauling out the old Warthog for service in the war against the machines. Properly known as the Thunderbolt II ("Warthog" is just a nickname), the A-10 is a rock-solid workhorse of an aircraft which probably WOULD survive a nuclear holocaust, short of a direct hit... (more)
  • It's unclear what separates Glatorian Legends from the normal Glatorians - "Mad Max"-style desert gladiators-for-hire - but Mata Nui definitely qualifies as a "legend." Remember, he's basically the God of Bionicles: the original island was named after him, and as the story went on, it was revealed that most of the other locations actually exist... (more)
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